It is what it is


what lit the way was the light in my head,
now my batteries are dying, I’m almost dead
I try to take it what friends say but nothing helps
why’s this monster trying’ to turn me into something else
I sit around and wait, I guess we’ll find out
as beautiful as this hole is I need to climb out
Cause you don’t know that you mean so much to me
I didn’t know you don’t give a fuck about me
and I saw it comin’ but I did nothin’
cause you don’t know
I don’t give a fuck about me…
JMT - animal rap (remix)
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One of the coolest people I’ve met… although he was on his phone the whole time.

When does it get better? I just want to give up. Fighting alone makes everything so much harder. Maybe the medicine isn’t working but it’s just lows no highs. Maybe I am just crazy to the point where nothing can help me. I’m tired of them being drunk every fucking night, and being high is the only way I am content and bother free. This isn’t normal. I don’t want to be apathetic, I just want everything to be better. I hate being lonely. It’s the worst feeling in the world and every day it gets worse. It won’t until I can move out which is going to take forever. Fuck how much college costs. I wish I could be happy with what I have like I should. Things could be 100x worse than it is. I have it easy compared to others, why am I so unhappy?


this has to be a joke…

this has to be a joke…